Introducing the Corona Collection

Friends, the wake of this virus and the "shelter in place" condition we have been under, my life has been compressed. I spend a good amount of time in the shop, and haven't had much time away from it -- with friends, playing duets, seeing a movie, watching a game, barbequeing with my buddies, etc. I'm in the shop more than usual and the result is several new instruments. you see my Corona Collection. There will be more added soon in all likelihood. I am building and playing them, but the finishing process is not yet complete. No hurry, right? So here they are (sans final finish), and I hope you find at least one of them interesting enough to reach out to me via the "Contact Me" button on the left.

Some of these instruments feature a 635mm scale length, and those with smaller hands will find this convenient. Unlike good wine which gets better with age, our hands sometimes get a bit stiffer with age and the shorter scale may be a welcome option in such cases too.



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